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Why Do People Want to Become Actors

"So many actors are convinced that if they are talented and beautiful and intelligent, they will automatically be successful in theatre, everyone will love them, and they will win fame and fortune just as soon as they get the right breaks. They take acting classes, attend schools, and develop theories on how to approach a role." (U.S. Depart of Labor,15). I feel being talented, and beautiful is a step towards becoming an actor, or actress, but it also involves knowing the right people at the right time. Do actors want to become actors? They want to become famous, make a fortune, and do an exciting job.

Only a few actors/actresses ever achieve recognition as stars- whether on stage, in motion pictures, or on television. A somewhat large number are well known, but most actors struggle for a to hold in the profession and pick up parts wherever they can. Actors/actresses want to be famous because they look at stars like Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner, and Julia Roberts on TV and say to themselves "I wish that was me on TV." If actors become famous they meet a lot of wealthy and well-known producers, directors, and actors as well. Other actors/actresses want to meet other celebrities because it might get them another job down the road, especially if you are a good acquaintance. They all get to sign autographs for their fans, and hopefully win lifetime awards like Oscars, Emmys, or Young Artist Awards. Earning these awards means that the actor/ actress took an excellent role in the particular show, movie, or live performance. Plus if the actor/ or actress gets nominated or wins an award, he/she gets to go to a premier, or some other type of function where they meet more all of the people who are starring or taking some type of job in that particular film.

I think it is great to be famous for a little while but not forever. I think the down side of being famous is that, an actor, or actress cannot even go out in the streets before somebody coming up to them and asking them for an autograph. Sure it is great in the beginning, but after awhile it can be very irritating. Another example would be if an actor/ actress wants to go to the mall, it would be impossible for he/she to go because the enormous crowds asking for their autographs would overwhelm the celebrity. Meanwhile, you just came in to buy a pair of shoes, or just get an ice cream.

This is not a good idea either, because then if you are not as famous, then people will overlook you, and move onto the next big shot. You will feel less important, and all that time that you put into making people laugh, keep them in suspense, or be scared will be a waist of time, and life. This is all relevant because these are my objections to my cause of why actors want to become actors?

The second cause that people want to become actors/actresses is because they want to make a fortune. " An actor/ actress makes on the average in Broadway $1,040 per week. In motion picture and television actors with speaking parts earn a minimum daily rate of $599 to $1,942 for a 5-day week" (Outlook Handbook, 243). If an actor/actress make a fortune like Mel Gibson, who made $20 million in starring in the film "The Patriot," they can retire for the rest of their life. After starring in a big film like the "Patriot" and have a decent amount of money maybe they can produce their own movie, or even maybe direct their next movie and make a good profit. People that want to be actors/actresses always wanted to live a rich life style. Then they can buy a multi million-dollar home in Beverly Hills California. People do not realize that the competition is so fierce that they can wait years before they can get a part.

I think it is great to make a fortune; however being rich can make you more of a target for murder, robbery, or kidnapping. Also, being rich, many people will think of you as stubborn, and obnoxious. Many people will not talk to you, and think very little of you because you are so wealthy. As a final point, you8 sometimes will not know who your true friend are, and what he/she thinks of you.

This is not a good idea either because then you will be scared to come out of the front door. You would be afraid of being kidnapped, murdered, or even robbed because many people you would think would have their eyes out for you. This is all relevant because these are all objections to the second cause, which is to make a lot of money.

The third cause that that people want to become actors is because it would be an exciting job. Working with other actors or actresses like Tom Cruise, Arnold Swartzenhagger, and Halle Berry would be cool. Plus when an actor/actress makes a movie, or star in a sitcom, etc. the actors get to the clothes they want and take them home with them. I think that this is the most exciting part about the job because you donít have to worry about clothes for a long time.

An actor/actress for a professional career can be very exciting, but it also very exhausting. The stars work from morning to night, with very few days off, saying the same lines over, and over again. Plus, the directors, and producers have a certain time to get the movie, or sitcom done, or else they will lose money. Most of the actors/actresses especially if they have a big role, take a vacation before staring in their next film. Another thing is that your life is not the same, as it used to be. Making a movie, or doing a sitcom takes up all your time because you are working night and day.

Finally, I think this is a bad idea as well because every job has a down side to it, whether it is working in a office, working for a doctor, or even working for a plumbing company, every job can be very exhausting. He, or she should do whatever they want for a living, as long as it makes them happy. This is all relevant because these are all objections to the last cause, which is that it is an exciting job.

The best solution, is if you want to become an actor/actress in life, and that is your goal, well, go for it. Nobody is stopping you. Like my father always said to me life is like a ship crossing an unknown seaport, always looking for that point of light. As long you strive for that point of light, you will eventually reach your goals. "By setting your goals, making plans, and organizing strategies, you are exercising your control. By recording your thoughts, and writing down the actions we plan to take, your self esteem grows" (McTigue, ix).-CH