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Movie Review: Speed

In the movie Speed, I feel that the main points which would make me want to watch this movie is the tremendous action sequences, the acting and cinematography.

The action sequences in the movie are very entertaining, and very fast. When Keanu Reeves picked the part of Jack, he knew that he would be doing a lot of action in this movie. He could have filmed a different movie with less action, but I feel the movie would not have made it big. This movie made a total of $145 million dollars in the box office, and is the number one movie. The most exciting parts of the movie are when the characters are on the speeding bus and must race against time to stop the villians from destroying the bus completely. There is a lot of exciting suspense, because the movie literally leaves you on the edge of your seat with excitement about what is going to happen next. The special effects helped out in the action scenes, because there were many explosions and exciting actions sequences which needed a special effect to truly impact the big screen. Therefore, I feel the special effects is what makes this movie so exciting.

The parts of Jack and Annie and the villian bomber are played with much charisma by Kenu Reeves Sandra Bullock, and Dennis Hopper as the bomber. In the parts where they donít know what will happen to the bus, Keanu Reeves displays much acting range, which allows him to get upset, and angry but still able to be strong against Dennis Hopper. Sandra Bullock played the woman driving the bus, and I new that she was going to be the biggest star of them all after this part.

The movie was set in LA, which means the director had to film the action all on the freeway, which can get dangerous, especially if you donít know what you are doing and have to drive through it. His cinematography allows me to see the setting and enjoy the action sequences more, because it is all real, and not on a studio where it would not have been as believable. I commend the director for his excellent portrayals of this.

Overall, this movie is a fine movie and did well in the box office because it had tremendous action sequences, acting, and cinematography. They will probably make a sequel to this movie, because it made it so big in the box office, they can make even more money, and the actors can have more excellent parts in it. -CH